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If you'd like to customise


What can you customise?

- Color of your product

- Material ( leather / vegan options)

- Compartments / zippers and partitions inside the bag

- Extra utility features

- Name tags

- Hand painting on our bags

How do you place the order?

Do email us at

Our designer will reach out to you regarding

the details to the design .

Post the call you will receive a detailed sketch and

quote for the same. 


Process of Customised orders

Calendar: Please click the link to schedule a meeting to customise your order 

-We receive the requirements for your customised orders

- The designer reverts back with the confirmed details :

colors, measurements, materials and lining 

- The details of the same will be sent to you within 5 days

- Once all the details have been confirmed

the product will be manufactured ,

packed and shipped within 12 days after confirmation.

- 3 to 5 days delivery time post the same. 

- Total number of days from request of customised order 21 days

Information to be sent while requesting your customised order

- Your name

- What is your product requirement 

- What is your choice of color

- what are the other customisation requirements

- Pincode of delivery 

- Occasion / use for the bag ( so we could suggest design variations for the requirement ) 

Please note the more details we receive from you , the more suggestions we could give you. Looking forward to serving you .

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